Episode 6 Fool Me Once

Panelists Hannibal Buress and Annie Duke backstage with Stephen Dubner before the show. (Photo: Lucy Sutton)

Missing hands, missing bodies, missing scientific evidence. This week’s contestants try to fool the panelists:

Hannibal Buress, comedian, currently hosting the podcast Handsome Rambler. He’s boycotted a certain series of movies because of the main character’s name.

Annie Duke, professional poker player and decision-making expert, who gives a new meaning to “nickel-and-diming.”

Father James Martin, S.J., Jesuit priest and best-selling author, who got his professional start at a movie theater.

Our “Real-Time Human Fact-Checker” is Sean Rameswaram, who produces podcasts for WNYC Studios, including Radiolab’s Supreme Court spinoff, More Perfect.


A.E. Kieren drew live portraits of the panelists to prove how hard it is to draw hands.


  • Civilla1

    Love this podcast! The guests and panelist’s are A+. Thank you Steven Dubner. By the way, loved Father James Martin’s comeback, ‘you are all welcome’, was awesome!

  • Katie Jo Toomey

    Love it. 2 badly-drawn thumbs up.

  • casey

    Great Podcast! Comedic and Educational, the best combo ; ) Cheers!