Episode 13 Money Money Money

Panelists Hari Kondabolu, Cheryl Dorsey and Brian Koppelman ready for TMSIDK's Money episode. (Photo: Lucy Sutton)

TMSIDK is going on a spending spree, from the Brooklyn Bridge to Ethiopia, meeting up with fundraisers, ancient traders and some money that should probably be laundered. Our panelists are:

Brian Koppelman, filmmaker and co-creator of Billions, tried to make it big as a tournament table tennis player.

Cheryl Dorsey, social entrepreneur and president of Echoing Green, needed her mom to sell her Girl Scout cookies.

Hari Kondabolu, comedian and co-host of Politically Re-Active, just saw Star Wars for the first time and needs a discussion buddy.

Our real-time fact-checker is A.J. Jacobs, host of Twice Removed, who knows the true value of a $1,000 haircut.