Episode 16 Music

For our music episode, Dan Zanes leads his band of fact-checkers, accompanied by Stephen J. Dubner. (Photo: Lucy Sutton)

It’s time to face the music, with facts on bridges, healers, lumberjacks and, of course, women. Our panelists are:

David Hajdu, music critic and writer, who has suffered an occupational hazard.

Faith Salie, comedian/journalist and writer, who has a 2-1 record as a wedding singer.

Danny Goldberg, record executive and former famous-band manager, who pioneered fake news.

Our real-time fact-checker is Dan Zanes, accompanied by his live band.

  • manuke1953

    Perhaps your best episode to date. Interesting, informative and creative. You told me many things i didn’t know. You are on roll!

  • Teri Sikorski Highbaugh

    I’d like to find links to the study with mice on song bridges?

  • Listened to it a second time just to hear all the music. Super fun episode and the music really captured my heart

  • Luciana Rodrigues Rosa

    I really loved this episode. I think you should add more music to the future shows, and maybe make a “Music 2” episode since I am sure there are many more music idks out there.