Episode 24 Behavior Change: Ultra Egghead Edition

When it comes to investing, people fail to notice the obvious shadow behind potential big gains. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Angela Duckworth (psychologist and author of Grit) is our special guest co-host, with Mike Maughan (head of global insights at Qualtrics) as real-time fact-checker. TMSIDK is in Philadelphia with a cornucopia of the world’s most renowned behavior change experts presenting original research.

  • RareStereos

    Really liked the show and the guests you had on this week! That being said, the old format was much better. Don’t know if it’s because I often listen to the podcast while at work or doing house chores, but the new format sort of feels like a breathless information dump. Interesting information, but hard to keep up with while concentrating on something else.

    The old format allowed for more breathing room with the setup-then-explain style taken on by the guests. The three member panel also made for a looser, funnier style which I appreciated. Still love the show, but thought I would offer some constructive criticism!

  • Travis Peterson

    New format is just fine. I think what made previous setup a little better was the comedian. It usually adds a bit more levity to show and because I think it is played as a show. I don’t mind new format either. I do think I have better memories of past shows when comedians were on. Better memories as fondness not recall (though maybe that’s true too).

    • Thuman Green

      what did they changed about the format?

  • Ana Bonilla

    Old format please!

  • This is a fascinating episode with the “Failure to Notice” as the winner. The clue to take notice is when you wonder “what is going on here?” I asked that question with the mass shooting in LV. Since guns have always been available – even automatic ones. We have to ask what have we as a society failed to notice? My theory is the news media is giving more and more fame to the people with bad behavior and thus encouraging more extreme behavior. The LV shooter had a father on the top ten FBI Most Wanted list. I think the news media gave this man a legacy he couldn’t get thorough positive behavior. Was this was his solution to going down in history? Remember – this is just a theory but we should explore it.