Episode 25 Creature Comforts

Subjects in Traci Mann's experiment chose things like mac and cheese, brownies, cookies and cake as their comfort foods. (Photo: Tavallai/Flickr)

Put down the brownie batter and relax with a TMSIDK episode filled with facts on quiet rooms, pillows, comfort food, and …Spam?

Krista Tippett (host of On Being) is our special guest co-host, with Maggie Ryan Sandford (science writer, researcher and producer) as real-time fact-checker.

  • Ana Bonilla

    I cannot even comment on the content of the show, because all I can think of is I hate the new format! Bring back the funny!!!
    I really miss the old format! Please bring it back! Why would you change a format that’s working for the show? This new format is a bore, when you have 3 panelist you have more opportunity of funny inserts. That’s how you got me to be an avid listener, by making me laugh.

  • Steve Riesterer

    I agree completely with Ann – the new format is atrocious. I used to look forward to seeing the new episodes pop up in my queue, now I just delete them without even listening. The only reason I remain a subscriber is the hope that you actually read these comments and act upon them.

  • BreathHold

    Not a big fan of the new format. I’m specially disappointed with that product placement by the My Pillow guy. Those annoying infomercials are all over TV and now they’re sneaking into one of my favorite podcasts. I almost stopped listening at that point. I wonder how much he paid to be a “guest”.

    I much preferred the interplay between the three panelists and guests from the old format.

    • Angie

      Agreed! I felt like he didn’t even provide a fact or information.