Episode 23 Three Sheets to the Wind

Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam, Minneapolis, MN. (Photo: US Army Corps of Engineers)

We’re in Minneapolis with a show on the environment, morning drinking, skyways, hidden figures and more. Our special guest co-host is John Moe, host of the podcast The Hilarious World of Depression, who knows how to get around a lack of talent, and our real-time fact-checker is Maggie Ryan Sandford, a self-proclaimed dolphin expert.

  • BlackHawk

    I don’t like that you changed the format. Guessing was the best part of the show. Please bring the guessing system back instead of just stating the idk. Where is the fun in that? And get the panelists involved at the end. I personally liked spinning the wheel! Just to see how they scramble to come up with a “fact”!

  • M Ramm

    I truly enjoy TMSIDK but the Minnesota episode didn’t feel much like a game show and lacked the playfulness of all previous episodes. Bring back the judges and the funny!

  • Stuart Schrader

    dont mind the new format. generally cant wait to listen no matter what

  • Jeff Noel

    Not happy with the format change, which I can only assume was cost-based. The best part of the show was that there was a diverse PANEL of guests. I find it hard to believe that you actually believe that the changes “make the show better.”

  • Sarah Carter

    I do NOT like the new format. The old format was so funny and entertaining.

  • Jorg

    I do not like the new format, I am sure that you already recorded the rest of the season, but please bring back the old format for the following season. The episode was honestly a little boring, why ”fixing’ something that it was not broken?

  • Jacob

    New format ruined the show for me. When you had the guessing portion I retained the stories from the show much easier, and stayed engaged throughout the podcast. Now it just feels like random, unrelated narratives with a few interjections every now and then.

  • Chloe

    Please bring back the old format! It was way better before with the theme, panel of judges, and guessing. Now it just seems like a list of disconnected facts and discussion on them.

  • Barry Haworth

    Half way through listening to this latest episode & deciding to add my comments. As someone who has been enjoying this show since the beginning I don’t like the format change. Having the panel try to guess the item added a lot of interest to the show. Not just the suspense of whether the panelists could work it out, but the added challenge of trying to guess it myself before the panel did – something I didn’t do very often, but it felt really good when I did. The new format is a bunch of people trotting out interesting factoids, which is mildly interesting but nowhere near as engaging as when there is the challenge of trying to guess the answer first.

  • Kristen

    I prefer the old format. It was much more entertaining and fun. Some of the best parts of the show was the multiple guess trying to guess what they were about to learn. Steve, you handled the transition quite well to get to the back to the actual intelligent guest should the guessing portion start to die out. The new format is NOT something I would continue listening to, however have been and will continue to be a Freakonomics podcast listener.

  • GRW

    Please bring back old format…new format comes off more like a series of short lectures with no funny interludes. Still interesting, but don’t feel as compelled to listen in.