Episode 0 Extra 4: The Most Renewable Energy of All

Researchers tested pee power in music festival urinals around England. (Photo: The University of the West of England)

Some of our most important inventions safely remove human waste. But what if we could use that waste to generate electricity?

Stephen Dubner and A.J. Jacobs are joined by Jonathan Winfield.

  • Laura Thachin

    Stephen Dubner, please do an episode on climate change either under the TMSIDK or Freakonomics podcasts. Towards the end of this episode you showed confidence that we shouldn’t worry about climate change, that all but energy sources related to transportation are from renewable resources. I actually just signed up for wind based electricity (and most houses in my area in northern NJ still use coal based resources), but heating in my area is still from natural gas – so I am very worried that we’re making the progress we need. Additionally, the biggest threat to that progress is the climate denying happening in our government now, starting with the leadership of EPA and our exit from the Paris agreement.