Episode 27 Womb to Tomb

Ruth Finkelstein explains how to make cities more friendly for seniors. (Photo: Lucy Sutton)

Alexandra Petri (Washington Post columnist) is our special guest co-host, with AJ Jacobs (author of It’s All Relative) as real-time fact-checker. TMSIDK covers everything from birth to earth, including pregnancy tests, parenting, monogamy, aging better, and, finally, embalming.

  • sabrina

    I just thought you(S Dubs), or Alexandra Petri, or everyone (preferably everybody) should know that the pronunciation of Petri is Peh-tree. Being a Petri myself, and knowing there’s not that many of us, I was pretty excited to see another Petri on one of my favorite shows. However, I felt personally attacked by this new form of mispronunciation, I’m pretty used to the petri dish (pee-tree) way of saying it, as in alexandra twitter name, the dish inventor was German, I’m Italian, maybe that was why, I would tell myself. But this, (pee try?) I mean, what are you doing? Is it like the i in hi? I’m gunna go have an identity crisis now. Thanks as always though for telling me something I didn’t know, hopefully this qualifies as something you didn’t know as well.


  • Teun Duynstee

    I am currently listening to this episode and have a comment for the editor. I found the first half of the episode was noticeably heavily edited. Most annoying was the added laughing track. Very unnatural. Maybe some technical problem forced you guys to do this, but if this was an intentional experiment with editing style, I’d think it failed. Just saying. Otherwise a most enjoyable episode; keep up the good work.