Episode 35 Farming Without Sun or Soil and Eating Manna From Heaven

Gold Cobblestone Lichen grows in an Arizona desert. Similar lichens could have been the Biblical "manna from heaven." (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

This week, we work on our survival skills: in the desert, on the tundra, and growing food in abandoned warehouses. Actress Sas Goldberg is co-host; AJ Jacobs (author of It’s All Relative) is live fact-checker.

  • Astromoney

    This is what i commented on the Dubner article on the WSJ online:
    “I loved the Freakonomics book.
    I love the way they think.”

  • Chris Theis

    I was hoping to hear more from Jason and the blisters. The timetable, how long before the trip do you break your feet in?How to heal the blisters?